Turn your strata stress into strata SUCCESS

We do what we do for you

Turn your strata stress into strata SUCCESS

Are you struggling with strata?

Your strata manager can be the difference between easy strata ownership and endless stress in follow ups, unanswered emails and calls, and feeling like nothing gets done.

We’ve created a strata management service that is focused on YOU, the person. You’re not just a lot number to us, you’re a valued customer. A home owner, investor and person. We value YOU.

Strata Success

You deserve better

Strata Management doesn't have to be a chore. We've built a service that makes it easy


For all owners ,on living & owning in strata + specialist committee training & resources


The make-sense, solution driven answers and advice you need.


We work with suppliers who are honest, ethically and offer you value for money


If we don't keep our promises, you don't have to keep us. 6 month no-lock in


All your important documents kept online + FREE invoice approval system

Strata Success


A Plan For Success

We are proud to provide you with our EXCLUSIVE program, Strata Success, a knowledge and success building program for committee members and owners, delivered by our sought-after Licensee, and designed with and for your building. We build your confidence, knowledge and capability with this bespoke program.
No two strata buildings are the same, and that’s why you need a management partner with the experience and expertise to get it right, and who shares the knowledge and know-how with you.
Your strata manager should be your partner, supporter and advocate, working to make your strata life easy. That’s what we deliver through Strata Success. Easy strata ownership.
We understand and appreciate that our role is a relationship in trust. In fact, this is one of our company values. Strata Success helps us build trust by giving you confidence to make great decisions.

Strata Success
Your unique path to easy strata living

Strata Success is bespoke and designed to support YOUR success. It includes:

Changing Strata Managers is Easier than You Think!

If your building deserves Strata SUCCESS get in touch to find out how you can engage Genesis and get the partner is strata who makes your life easy.

Strata Success

Meet Natalie Fitzgerald

Strata Success

A trusted voice in strata who is known to advocate for owners

Natalie Fitzgerald, Strata Success Curator and Presenter

Natalie, Director and Licensee-In-Charge at Genesis, is an award-winning strata manager with over 20 years’ experience in the sector. Bringing a leadership style that centres on education, honesty, communication and empathy, this commitment to kindness and respect extends to team members, and customers.
Natalie is a sought-after guest speaker, strata educator and facilitator and was the foundation expert for the City of Sydney Strata 101 program, which continued for over 5 years and delivered strata education to hundreds of people. She has also presented to owners in partnership with the Owners Corporation Network and Strata Communities Australasia (NSW), on topics including understanding financials, renovations and generational tensions in strata schemes.
Natalie has been a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales, and has presented to her strata colleagues on behalf of Griffith University, Deakin University as well as Strata Communities Australasia (NSW & National). She has been a podcast guest on Your Strata Property and Courageous Conversations.
Natalie is a proud member of the Women in Strata steering committee, where she spearheaded the mentoring program and contributes many blogs.
An entertaining, high energy and knowledgeable strata expert, Natalie is a sought after presenter and is delighted to present Strata Success.