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Mission & Value

Strata Management is a relationship in trust.

We understand that appointing a strata manager is a BIG decision, after all, a bad manager will cause you stress, at best, and will devalue your investment at worse.
We want to share with you exactly what motivates our team to deliver the service that makes your life easy.

Why we work everyday to make the connection between ‘strata’ and home!


We make the connection between Strata and home

By valuing our owners as people we care about, support and trust

Mission & Value



Our Commitment

We always want our customers to be confident that their community is in good hands, being looked after by the best in the business.
We aim to provide a service that is professional, trasparent, empowering and makes life easy, not harder.



You need us to be available, consistently. And you need to know our advice is reliable and frankly, correct.


  • Our team will be available during business hours, in emergencies and for meetings.
  • Our advice will always be professional, based on the most recent developments and delivered timely in a make-sense manner.



You have EVERY right to know what is happening in your community and with your money.


  • We will never charge you to access your strata schemes current records and documents.
  • We will always answer your questions and share information completely and honestly.
  • Financial statements are presented in an easy-to-understand format and all financial questions are answered within 1 business day.
  • Owners can view any and all invoices on request.


Communication (getting back to you)

The most important thing is we get back to you, quickly, and the second is that we provide you with accurate, solution based advice.


  • We will return your phone calls within 3 business hours.
  • We will respond to your emails within 1 business day.
  • Our communications will always be respectful and honest.
  • Meetings will be held with a clear objective, run fairly and chaired in such a way that you walk away confident in your understandings of the proceedings.
  • Advice will presented professionally but clearly, in a make-sense, user-friendly tone.
  • Our role is to support you as an owner in strata ownership, and sometimes that means saying no. We will always explain why something may not be possible and provide an alternative wherever possible.

Values that support you, our people and your home

These are not just fluff words on a website. Our team work by these every day

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WE understand and appreciate that our role is a relationship in trust.

Explore our values

WE stand in the shoes of our customers and apply empathy to all interactions.

Explore our values

WE value our customers homes and assets as our own.

Explore our values

WE CARE about our customers and each other.

Explore our values

WE know how to have fun together.

Customer satisfaction Policy

In alignment with Genesis Strata Management values & service level agreement , all employees, contractors and associates will:

Mission & Value

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