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Strata management services that serve you

Our Services

Everything we do, is designed with YOU in mind

We’ll support you, advocate for you, and empower you with the knowledge you need to feel confident in the integrity of your strata scheme.


Your strata managing agent plays a crucial role in managing the operational, functional and administrative aspects of your community. But imagine if your agent did more. What if your agent could activtly work beside you to make your strata life, strata-stress free? The team at Genesis appreciate that our relationship with you is one based on trust, and we take that seriously. Of course, we'll act as your agent, and do a great job at it, but we'll do so much more.


Our job is ultimately to achieve one thing, to make your life, strata-stress free. Simply acting as your agent won't do this. So we've created a service that does. Through support, advocacy and education, we've made things easy for you.


When you need it

Want to understand how strata works so you can confidently navigate your strata life? We’ve got you!
We won’t gatekeep our knowledge and experience.
We offer resources, a knowledgeable team and our exclusive Strata Success program which all have ONE goal, to empower you with knowledge, so you can make decisions quickly & easily.
We want to give you the confidence and empowerment gained through knowledge. Use our experience


Conflict free advice

Have you ever wondered whose side your strata manager in on? Its wrong right?
You won’t ever need to ask with the Genesis team. We’re not torn in different directions. We don’t own a building management arm, or a handyman service, a building company, a plumbing company or insurance shares.
We do one thing and one thing only. That’s great strata management. Which means we’re only and always on your side.
We’ll advocate for the best value for money, the best outcome, the best solution…for YOU.


When you need it

Are you sick of being told that something isn’t possible in strata? Yeah, us too!
Our team are solutions focussed. We’ll work with owners to find a way to yes.
Our advice will be grounded in years of experience, and the practical application of relevant legislation.
Sure, it might mean a compromise, but we’re here to make the win/win situations happen.
We’ll support you through every step of your strata ownership experience.

Our Services

The expected services, and so much more

The Genesis Strata Management Service Suite will ensure you get both the services you need, and the extras you deserve

How much does it cost? depends.

Every community is different, which we know sounds cliche, but is true.
Our minimum fee starts at $5,000 (excluding GST) and after that we tailor our quotations to match your requirements. Factors that contribute to your quote include:

  • The size of your building
  • The type and complexity of amenities you have in your community
  • How many meetings you would like included in your base fee?
  • If you prefer a more inclusive fee, or pay as you go

With strata management services, you'll get what you pay for

Our advice is to be clear on what services are important to your community, and ask for a quotation that includes everything you want. Sometimes the basics are enough. But if you want to free up your time, and more importantly, free up that strata stress, a more personalised and inclusive service might be best.

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