Strata is getting a bad rap in the media, but is it really all bad news? We don’t think so. Let’s flip the narrative.

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’d be forgiven for thinking that living in strata in Sydney must be the very worst of fates. As article after article details ‘collapsing buildings’, defects, feuding neighbours, and the biggest issue…loss of lifestyle, what we are not reading about is how hundreds of thousands of Sydney siders live happy, full and contented lives in their strata homes.


Once upon a day buying an apartment was seen as a stepping stone into the property market, but the reality is, people recognize the lifestyle benefits of living in a building that suits your stage of life.


There is a building to suit every one and every lifestyle. Whether it’s an older style walk-up, a luxury villa a complex with pools and gyms, or one of the many other options on the market, strata living can, and does work.


Sure, there are problems. The legislation is not perfect, and reform is necessary. However, it isn’t inoperable, and for the must majority, it works.


The housing crisis in Australia can only be solved one way, and it’s very obvious that solution is density. Of course, it’s more complicated than simply building up. Infrastructure needs must be addressed. Access to schools, green space, essential services like Doctors and grocery stores, as well as public transport are essential. But these things need to be considered no matter what dwelling is built.


Housing is a human right, and strata living offers the solution. More than just a roof over your head, strata comes with a built-in community. Over the years I’ve seen strata communities that offer their residents:

1. Annual, catered Christmas parties in the foyer.

2. Kids Easter egg hunt and residents ‘bring a plate’ picnic in the common back yard.

3. Tai Chi on the rooftop

4. Baby-sitting circles

5. Car pooling

6. Book clubs

7. Sewing circles

8. Community gardens

9. Language classes

10. Parents groups


All it takes is a bit of encouragement, a champion resident and good communication.


While the laws are not perfect, and builders need to be held to account to ensure buildings are indeed high quality and safe, let’s focus on strata living as a positive. What’s better than backyard cricket? A game of cricket with a full fielding team on the common lawn, courtesy of the built in community that strata living offers.

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