How to keep your apartment cool, and your power bill low. It’s a hot summer ahead, we’ve got the tips to keep you cool

El Nino is officially here, and that means a long, hot and dry summer. With the cost of power (& everything else rising) it makes perfect sense to find ways to cool your apartment without cranking the air-conditioning all day.


Below are some tips to keep cool, and keep the budget under control.


1. Block out the sun

Investing in some good quality block out curtains or blinds can help you keep the morning or afternoon sun at bay, cooling down your home. Direct sunlight will heat your home (which is why we love it in winter) but keeping it out during the intense summer hours will keep things cool.


2. Air-flow – open windows to let the evening breeze in

Cross ventilation where you can will not only keep you cooler, but keep the room feeling fresh. The evening time is perfect for opening up your windows and letting in the fresh air.


3. Change your light globes The NSW Government offers incentives to help you change all your globes, but if you need more motivation to get you going, LED lights emit MUCH less heat and use less power than incandescent globes. It’s a win/win!


4. Choose cool colours and breathable fabrics

Light wall colours in your home will reflect heat and light, as opposed to darker tones which will absorb the heat, plus a fresh paint job always feels perfect in the summer time (and painting is a cosmetic renovation, so you can do it without approval, although you might need to let your committee know if you’re going to have trades about).

When choosing linen and fabrics for your furniture consider natural fibres like cotton where you can.


If you do think it’s time to install an air-conditioning unit, you’ll need approval from the owners corporation. You can read more about the renovation process here:


Summer time in Australia is truly magical and we’re so fortunate to enjoy a holiday season in the summertime. But the heat can be overwhelming. Use these tips to stay cool and happy during the summer.

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